2014 Voter's Guide
State Superintendent

Editors’ Picks: We have been getting a large volume of emails asking us to make a recommendation for State School Superintendent. We decided to make a recommendation in both primaries.

Nancy Jester (Republican) – The Editors believe that Jester has the strongest skill set to make important and lasting changes at the state Department of Education. Face it, the job requires an interesting mix of number crunching, analysis, managerial know-how, and political instinct. To be successful, the next State School Superintendent will need to match those requirements with savviness and communications that have been missing in this office for quite some time. Nancy Jester fits the bill. She gets the nod from Georgia School Watch.

Alisha Thomas Morgan (Democrat) – We believe that Morgan deserves to win her primary because she is the only candidate that supports school choice. The other candidates will have no chance of working well with all the players at the state level. Morgan crossed her own party to support the charter school amendment. She is the only democrat that won’t be in the back pocket of the establishment 100% of the time. She gets our nod for the Democratic primary.

2014 Voters Guide
May 19, 2014 – Georgia voters head to the polls Tuesday to pick their party’s nominees for statewide offices, state school superintendent, state legislative seats, congressional seats and scores of down-ticket races. It’s the first statewide primary since Georgia Republicans took every statewide office in Georgia in 2010, and Democrats hope to regain a foothold.


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