Carstaphen’s transition team

New APS Superintendent Carstaphen quickly establishes a transition team – already on the ground and digging deep

The Atlanta Public School Board of Education approved the new superintendent’s selection of five key members for her transition team. The five individuals selected so far worked with Dr. Carstarphen in her prior position as superintendent of the Austin Independent School District.

Per the AJC (see here),

“I want to be ready on Day One to serve our 50,000 APS students,” Carstarphen said in a statement. “We all know that APS requires some heavy lifting, and I am excited to put a team in place that can provide leadership and execution in the review of major structures in the organization including curriculum instruction, operations, finance, recruitment and an assessment of the district’s needs and priorities.”

Also per the AJC, the newly hired transition team includes,

  • Pamela Hall was executive director of human resources in Austin, and she’ll take on the same role in Atlanta
  • Bill Caritj, the chief performance officer in Austin, will become responsible for accountability in Atlanta, a new position Carstarphen has said is needed to ensure the integrity of testing and data.
  • Skye Duckett, a senior human resources officer;
  • Timothy Gadson, a curriculum and instruction officer
  • Tammie Workman, a curriculum and instruction officer.

Dr. Carstarphen will officially assume her duties as superintendent on July 7th.

Based on discussions with APS officials, the transition team is already up and running and is digging deeply into the APS financial, operational and staffing details.

Robert Stockwell is the financial watchdog for APS and posts at Financial Deconstruction


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